History of creation

History of creation

The history of creation of the Federal state budgetary institution «Federal center of cardiovascular surgery» of the Ministry of the health of the Russian Federation (Penza)

In 2006, the Government of the Russian Federation made a decision to build a network of federal centers of high medical technologies. The first institution of the «new type» in Russia was the Federal center of cardiovascular surgery in Penza. The building of the center was started in 1 April, 2007. Thanks to the modern technologies, the construction of the cardiovascular center at all stages was monitored in real time. This made it possible to complete the construction in record time. Less than a year later, on January 23, 2008, a high-level delegation headed by the President of the Russian Federation and the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation arrived at the opening of the center.

Highly-skilled professionals from Moscow, St.Petersburg, Krasnodar, Kazan and other regions of the Russian Federation were invited to work at the center. The center was headed by a cardiovascular surgeon, professor, MD Vladlen Bazylev. The first high-tech cardiac surgery was performed on August 26, 2008.

Currently, the center is a modern clinic of the European level. Patients are accommodated in single and double wards equipped with a TV and an individual patient console, a separate bathroom with a shower. As part of the departments, there are intensive care units with an individual nursing post and special medical equipment for providing emergency care. The center is designed to accommodate 167 patients, including 145 adults and 22 children. The surgical unit is represented by 8 operating rooms: 4 – for performing open heart surgeries in conditions of artificial circulation, 2 – X-ray surgical, 1 – specialized children’s, 1 – hybrid.

The center is a leader in Russia in performing combined heart surgeries (over 900 per year), aortic surgeries (over 160 per year), and also ranks first in Europe for performing Ozaki procedures. Our specialists perform all types of cardiac surgeries, including stent-graft implantation and transcatheter aortic valve implantations. The institution has the largest experience in Russia in bilateral internal thoracic artery bypass grafting (70 % of coronary bypass surgery), left ventricular remodeling for LV aneurysms. More than 6500 high-tech operations are performed by our specialists annually.

In 2010, the Chief Physician of the center Vladlen Bazylev became a laureate of the «Purple Heart» award.

In 2015, Vladlen Bazylev became a laureate of the award named after Academician V. I. Burakovsky «For a two-fold increase in the volume of surgeries with artificial circulation over the past three years and the performing of more than 3000 surgeries in 2014».

In 2018, specialists of the center became laureates of the award for the best doctors of Russia «Vocation» in the nomination «For a unique operation that saved a person's life».

In February 2019, the center presented the achievements of the Penza Region health care system at a presentation that held at the Federation Council.

Since April 1, 2020, the center has been operating on high alert due to the spread of the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection, wherein the work of the center did not stop for a single day, saving the lives of patients with cardiovascular diseases.