Bazylev Vladlen

Bazylev Vladlen

Bazylev Vladlen
Bazylev Vladlen

Сhief medical officer, cardiovascular surgeon, M.D., professor

Phone number: +7 8412 41-23-11

Dear Sir or Madam!

I am glad to welcome you to the website of the Federal сenter of cardiovascular surgery (Penza), one of the leading medical centers in Russia, where we are always ready to provide a wide range of services to patients: from the initial consultation of a doctor to surgical treatment and rehabilitation.

The professional level of our specialists, safety and comfortable stay conditions, the up-to-date medical equipment and innovative methods of the work allow us to stand on the same level with the world's most modern medical clinics.

Every day we fight to save thousands of lives. Every year we perform more than 6 500 heart and vascular surgeries for both adults and children from birth.

Over twelve years of work, more than 64 000 destinies have been changed thanks to the treatment: kids grow up and enjoy sports, adults remain efficient and do one’s thing, and elderly people improve the quality of life.

We approach the treatment of each patient individually. The choice of treatment strategy is always a collegial decision, the decision of a team and a concilium of the one of the best specialists in the country.

A doctor is not even a profession, but a vocation. This is the only way I could say about the team that I have been leading for 14 years, which I am proud of, which is known and respected by colleagues, to whom thousands of patients trust their hearts!

Thanks for choosing us!

Kind regards,
M.D., professor,
Chief medical officer

Vladlen Bazylev