High quality of medical services

A quality control and safety systems for medical activities aimed at safeguards for the rights of citizens to receive medical care were introduced in the center in accordance with the standards of care and based on clinical guidelines. Monitoring the quality of the medical services provision in the center the following activities are carried out:

  • assessment of the observance of citizens' rights in the field of healthcare;
  • assessment of the application of medical services statement provision and standard of care;
  • assessment of the medical examination;
  • assessment of the execution of job descriptions by medical personnel;
  • assessment of conformity of provided medical care with the criteria of standard of medical care;
  • assessment of activities to identify and prevent risks, that endanger human life or health;
  • assessment of taking steps to prevent violations identified during the inspections of supervisory authority;
  • assessment of the waiting time for medical care;
  • assessment of managerial decisions to improve the quality of medical care;
  • assessment of compliance with the restrictions imposed on medical workers in the implementation of medical activities;
  • assessment of patient comments of medical care quality and etc..

According to the results of an independent assessment of the quality of medical services provided by the Public Council under the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, in 2019 the center was among the best medical institutions of the Russian Federation.

According to the data of portal medch.ru the center is one of the three best healthcare institutions in Russia in the field of health-care services delivery in 2020 and 2021.