Priority Research Areas

Priority Research Areas

Scientific activities of the center are constantly carried out by specialists of all structural organization departments as well as divided into theoretical, experimental and clinical sections.

Theoretical section

The theoretical foundation of the institution is the diagnostic unit, that includes departments of laboratory, X-ray and functional diagnostics. In the theoretical section of science, we focus attentions on not only using of modern imaging methods in the diagnosis of both acquired pathology in adult patients and congenital heart defects in children. In addition, diagnostic algorithms are being developed in choosing the best practices for a particular pathology, comparing their diagnostic value, sensitivity and specificity determining when various categories of patients examining. A huge section that is based on the theoretical foundations of functional examination methods concerns the evaluation of long-term results of patients already treated at the center.

Experimental section

Specialists of the center are directly involved in the experimental work. This section was created to solve experimental scientific issues that are directly related to cardiovascular surgery. Federal center of cardiovascular surgery concluded a partnership agreement with Penza Cluster Development Center, and so that was included in the interaction with a group of enterprises, whose goal is the development and production of import-substituting high-tech medical devices for cardio-vascular and endovascular surgery. One of the results of this cooperation was the opportunity to implement medical research projects in the experiment on laboratory animals with due regard to the statutory requirements. The result of the joint work of the employees of the center under the leaderchip of Vladlen Bazylev and engineers of enterprises of the Penza biomedical cluster «Biomed» under the leadership of Sergey Evdokimov was the appearance of a new heart valve «MedLab-KT» in less than two years. It must be said that this is far from the first and not the only joint scientific invention introduced into clinical practice by the joint efforts of specialists from the center and a group of enterprises in the biomedical sector.

Clinical section

The scientific opportunities that have opened up as a result of effective activities since the opening of the center in the two previous sections have given a powerful stimulus to the development of the clinical direction in the institution. We also note the innovative component. It was from the experiment, new types of transcatheter valves, occluders, synthetic conduits came to the clinic and were introduced, delivery systems were developed, and hybrid methods of access to heart valves and main vessels were tested.