Accessibility for people with reduced mobility

One of the factors determining the degree of civilization in a society is its attitude towards people suffering from various diseases. Statistical studies have shown that 10% of the total population on the planet are suffering from disorders of the musculoskeletal functions. The necessary conditions for unhindered access for people with reduced mobility and other people with limited mobility to facilities and services were created at the Penza cardiovascular center.

A barrier-free path with ramps and hand-rails is organized at the entrance to the territory of the center. All central entrances to the building of the center are also equipped with barrier-free paths with ramps and hand-rails.

Parking places for the disabled and other people with limited mobility are organized on the territory. The necessary signposts and pictograms are placed throughout the territory of the Penza cardiovascular center.

The entry element is equipped with supporting hand-rails in accordance with current standards and construction rules and regulations.

The width of the traffic lane and the width of the doors to the offices conform to standards. Sanitary and hygienic places are also made in accordance with current regulations.