Hospital stay conditions

Hospital stay conditions

Stay conditions of patients in the center correspond to the level of the best Russian and overseas medical clinics.

Patients are provided with comfortable single or double hospital rooms, that are equipped with:

  • toilet and shower,
  • TV,
  • refrigerator.
  • Each ward has a «Nurse Call System».

Health care for little patients

Provision of patients

Patients are provides with all the things needed:

  • bedclothing,
  • tableware, excluded personal hygiene items, footwear and change of clothes.

Patient nutrition

Consulting physician selects a diet for patients in accordance with the state of health and diagnosis. Adequate diet food includes a meat, fish, variety of cereals, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, vitamin drinks.

Ready-made meals are delivered to the children's unit and intensive care unit in isoboxes (thermos plates that keep the heat for at least 3 hours). Food is delivered to other units on specialized heated trolleys.