Results of the work

Results of the work
of the Federal budgetary state institution «Federal center of cardiovascular surgery»
of the Ministry of the health of the Russian Federation (Penza)

Federal budgetary state institution «Federal center of cardiovascular surgery» of the Ministry of the health of the Russian Federation (Penza) is the first Federal center, that was built in the framework of the priority national project «Health», according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 20, 2006 N 139 «About construction of Federal Сenters of high medical technologies». The center was opened in 2008.

Since the opening, the specialists of the polyclinic department of the center have consulted more than 435000 patients, including 57000 children.

The specialists of the Center's diagnostic departments have performed:

  • 17500000 laboratory tests;
  • 640000 ultrasound scans;
  • 530000 functional studies;
  • 180000 X-ray examinations;
  • 47000 coronary angiography.

95000 patients have been treated in inpatient conditions; our surgeons have performed more than 65000 high-tech cardiac surgeries.

The specialists of the (children's) Congenital Heart disease department have treated 8500 children, who have performed 7000 operations, including 3000 operations for children under one year of age.

Federal center of cardiovascular surgery is a leader in Russia in performing combined heart surgeries (over 900 per year), aortic surgeries (over 160 per year), and also ranks first in Europe for performing Ozaki procedures.

Our specialists perform all types of cardiac surgeries, including stent-graft implantation and transcatheter heart valve implantations.

The institution has the largest experience in Russia in multiple arterial revascularization (70 % of coronary bypass surgery), left ventricular reconstructions (1800 surgeries over 12 years of the Center's operation, which is the largest experience in Europe).

More than 70 % of doctors have a qualification category and more than 11% of doctors have an academic degree of candidates and doctors of medicine.

Also, special attention is paid to scientific activities. The institution's specialists have published more than 600 scientific papers (Hirsch Index is 13), as well as have obtained 15 patents and 1 patent application for invention.

The first Russian transcatheter cardiac valve prosthesis was implanted in Federal center of cardiovascular surgery (Penza). Valve leaflets are completely made of synthetic materials. This invention is a Russian priority (Patent N. 125062), in the development of which the employees of the Center took part.

Over 12 years, 20 reports were presented at the international congress of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons (EACTS). That makes it possible to be one of the three Russian cardiac surgery centers constantly presenting their scientific research to the European Cardiac Surgery Society.

The total indicator of the impact factor of peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, including foreign journals, in which the results of scientific research were published in the previous year, is 49,254.

The Center's specialists are constantly involved in the implementation of additional professional programs. Within the framework of international cooperation, the center closely interacts with foreign medical organizations. Cooperation agreements concluded with Medical University «Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov» (Varna, Republic of Bulgaria), UMBAL «Sveta Marina» EAD (Varna, Republic of Bulgaria), Gomel regional clinical cardiological center (Gomel, Republic of Belarus).